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Monday, June 18, 2012

JOurnal 6.18.12 - Fleshjack Edge

Since the camcorder was still set up from the night before, figured I'd pop in some more porn and have a lay-in wank with the old Wonder Wave. Lots of Fleshjack edging watchin Fratmen's Greatest Shots 1. By the way, its on sale for just a couple bucks at the Fratmen site right now. Load 227

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  1. That edge w. orgasm using the WW was beautiful. Something about you is so lovable and real.

    1. wow thanks - sure is a sweet thing to say!

  2. Damn man that was awesome, how do you hold out so long, I spermed way before the end!! thanks!!

  3. LOVED watching you enjoying your cock while watching others enjoy theirs. Just had to join in and shoot my cream with you.


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