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Friday, July 13, 2012

ASK JACK - Jack's Picks of Fratmen's Greatest

Josh M | Hey Jack. I see that you frequently jerk to Fratmen's greatest shots Vol 1. I recently purchased this and have been jerking to it basically since it arrived. I was wondering which of the scenes/guys are your favorites to jerk to.

Yeah I fuckin love the Greatest Shots series. I don't think I've made it through the entire Vol 1 video (I had Vol 2 long before Vol 1). I get off on pretty much any of the dudes who are obviously turned on by beatin their cocks - pretty easy to tell which ones are really into masturbation cause they aren't afraid to move, moan, breath hard or talk, pump their hips and grunt while they jack. The 27th guy is a good example - that fucker loves jackin his dick.

Obviously sometimes its just the cumshots - the more cum and the farther it flys the better. Sometimes it has to do with a specific grip - for some reason a full fist tight grip goin up and down the entire length of the shaft will get me close real fast (too fast sometimes). Or a slow stroke, or a stroke that sounds wet from the dude's lube or precum, or just a guys specific style of stroke - anything that you can tell isn't just a garden variety fast whack, but is makin his cock feel really fuckin good. Dudes who get off on playin with their asshole when they jerk also get my cock ready to blow.

The dudes who hump also get me ready to pop real fuckin quick - those fuckers slidin their swollen cocks against the sofa cushion or bed. JEEZUZ! The 9th dude fuckin the sofa sends me over the fuckin edge - I've lost my load to this guy a bunch of times. There's a dude in Volume 2 that rubs his cock off on the bed that is one of the hottest hump scenes I've ever seen - pumped a fuckload of sperm to that dude too.

And I definitely agree with your recent comment about the first dude - huge fuckin cumshot everwhere and in his mouth (love watchin a straight dude inadverently get his jizz in his own mouth). Great way to kick off the vid.

Writin about these hot meatbeatin mutherfuckers has got my dick all boned up - now I'm gonna have to have a good long stroke to Fratment tonight...

Dude, you gotta go get Volume 2 - its on sale right now for 10 bucks. I think they've got 6 of them out now.

Got a question for Jack?


  1. I might have to get Vol 2 now with that sort of recommendation! In Vol 1, Guy #1 (mouth shooter) and guy on the couch are definitely my favorites by far...spermed to both of them multiple times... I also love the hard heavy breathing, grunting, and moaning and of course watching the shocks of passion surge through a guy's body as they jerk their meat and launch a sperm load...mmmm, thanks for the response, Jack.

    Josh M

  2. Sounds like you're about to beat your meat while typing that response.


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